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Corporate Vision

Constant self-denial, to improve stores and products.

Daiso-sangyo Founder  Hirotake Yano

President Hirotake Yano

Daiso-sangyo Founder Hirotake Yano

Mr. Yano was born in 1943, and graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Chuo University. In 1972, he started “Yano Shoten”—a street vending shop dealing with 100 yen products. In 1977, he found Daiso-sangyo, a unique variety store franchise which now boasts over 3,000 stores worldwide.

What should we do to increase business sustainability in today’s unstable economy?

(hundred million yen)Sales

In the near future, a flexible response to change will be required for businesses. In order for them to survive, methods of the past must be discarded, and changes have to be made from within. To create a business according to a new set of values, it is important to have a feeling of constant self-denial.   I believe that is the first step to increasing business sustainability. For example, when looking at 20th century business management in Japan, growth was assumed from the start. But things are different in the 21st century. Business know-how based on growth as a given does not work anymore. Business owners have to figure that out quickly and apply that knowledge if they want their businesses to survive.  Since our founding as the pioneer of 100 yen shops, we have continued to evolve and take on new challenges. One of those challenges was to abandon our original business model of “everything for 100 yen,” and start developing and selling products for 200 yen, 1,000 yen, and so on. Our company’s stores are rapidly expanding domestically and overseas today, but not once have I ever hoped to grow my business or put up a lot of stores.From the company’s founding to this day, growth has solely been achieved through constant trial
and error, and learning from
mistakes in order to survive. 

(hundred million yen)Sales